As a chapter of the Student Veterans Association it is very important that we find ways to get as many of our members there as possible. Finding the funds and members to get there can be daunting, especially when we as a collective group have to reinvent the wheel over and over again.

The most important part is to start early. The more funds that are available the more people you can send to the conference. Sending many people can be one very valuable tool, not for boasting about the groups numbers but because of the way in which the workshops are set up. Several work shops will go on at the same time, repeating once maybe twice. In order to get all the information from the workshops several people must go so all the workshops can be attended by at least one member.

Bring both résumés and business cards. Your cards can help you keep in contact with SVA members from different schools and their chapters. Résumés are needed for the many businesses that also attend looking for employees and interns.

Some schools use the trip as a recruiting mechanism. This can help both get new students into the club as well as teach them what we are trying to do.

Though in a sense the trip is a vacation for our members, remember to watch your alcohol intake. The same people who could hand you a job someday are out and about having fun as well, make sure you don’t give them a bad impression of yourself or the club.