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ODS Board Game Marathon

Our friends at ODS are holding a board game marathon! Come play board games, have fun, and help raise money. The money raised will go to help Handup House for Heroes, an organization that helps unemployed veterans with families with temporary housing.


Another engage event

Another month, another Engage Networking Breakfast! This month the event will have keynote speakers Mark Amodei, with an introduction from Senator Harry Reid’s Regional Representative, Todd Connor.

The event will be held at Harrah’s Reno – Ormsby Room 219 North Center Street Reno, NV 89501. This is a great event to begin or further your professional network, learn about new opportunities or just see what is out there. Connect with others, enjoy some food and maybe meet some interesting people for your professional network!


Engage Breakfast

One of the best ways to find a job post-graduation is to get connected now. Engage Breakfast March is an opportunity to help veterans get connected and is open to everyone. Meet like minded people and interact in a way to help your future. Guest speaker, State Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt will be there as well to speak to veterans. If you’re interested, or know someone who might,  make sure you grab the flier linked above.


When: March 5th, 2015 at 8:00 am

Where: Harrah’s at the Ormsby Room.

219 North Center Street



Raffle Event

On Sunday if come by the Sportmans Warehouse off Kietzke where we will be selling raffle tickets from 11-400pm. Tickets are $10 and go toward summer book scholarships and future club events.

Minutes 1.23

WPV Meeting Agenda
1200 23 January 2015
UNR KC 402

Call To Order at 1210.
Roll Call
Ryan Gerchman, President was present.
Mike La Rue, Vice President was present.
Yezenia Poulsen, Secretary was present.
Ryan Smoot, Treasurer was present.
Ryan Wendt, Sgt of Arms was present.
Ryan Coverdell, Web Sgt. was present.
Guest Recognition, there is none.
Open Discussion, there is none.
Information Items-
Club Fair–Today, Friday, January 23rd from 1600—1900 in the Joe Crowley Ballrooms. Vice President Mike La Rue, Vince Rivera and Secretary Yezenia Poulsen will meet to register the club for the club fair at 1500. There will be no selling but there will be VITAL items available. It’ll be a great opportunity fro the club to collaborate with the other clubs on campus.
Engage Networking Breakfast—flyer was available at the meeting. This is not a job fair or an event to meet veteran’s needs like completing a resume, there are other opportunities for that. Admission will be $10 with a meal included on February 6, 2015 at 0800A in Harrah’s Ormsby Room. The goal of the event is to encourage veterans to network with meaningful employment, not just a “dead-end job.” Integrate into a professional network designed to produce opportunities for lasting and meaningful employment.  Gain access to your peers and the ways they are positively impacting their community. Professional attire is encouraged but not mandatory and the event is open to all veterans, not just students. The flyers will be put up  around campus.
ASUN Club training days are as followed—All executive board members are required to attend one. Email President Ryan Gerchman the day you wish to attend.
Thursday January 29, 11AM- 12:30PM Rm# 320
Tuesday, February 3, 11AM-12:30PM Rm # 320
Wednesday, February 11, 3PM-4:30PM Rm# 320
Friday, February 20, 10AM- 11:30AM Rm# 320
Tuesday February 24, 12PM-1PM Rm# 323
Sportsman’s Warehouse Raffle—Vice President Mike La Rue: We will begin selling them next week. We still need to talk to Vince Rivera about the amount of tickets we have. We will be tabling in front of Sportsman’s Warehouse on Fridays and the weekends. We will begin next Friday, the 30th from 1300—1600. The money collected from the raffle will be used to provide smaller scholarships instead of one large one to be given to more veterans. Grand prize in the raffle will be a Sig Scorpion. Tickets are $10 and only 300 will be sold. Other prizes include a $50 gift card to Scheels and a prize pack at Buffalo Wild Wings. We will also be looking to get either money donations or items donated from local businesses. More information on that will be provided later.
For possible Action-
Pizza or BBQ to Welcome Back Veterans—It was agreed that free pizza will be provided room in 305 of the Knowledge Center from 12:00pm-1:00pm, provided by the VITAL team.
Club event ideas— The application for ASUN funding must be completed by the 31st. It was decided to scrap the SAPII chalk outline idea because of the arduous logistics of getting it organized, and have decided to hold a suicide awareness event during ASUN’s Suicide Awareness Week in the fall. Dates are still pending so the item will be tabled for later. Other ideas for future veteran events: Bowling at the Coconut Bowl for an End of Semester Bash. Frisbee golf (disc golf) can be played at Rancho San Rafael, Vince Rivera and Vice President Mike will work together on this. Invictus and go-carts, a pugel competition, and sumo suits are also possible event ideas.
Scholarship Rubric Committee—Ryan Coverdell will be heading the committee and the goal is to get the committee organized by the end of the semester.
Veterans Memorial on UNR campus—previous president, Zack Totans, began this idea to get a memorial on campus. For more information we are to ask Eddie Syc and Director of Veteran Services, Terina Caserto.
WPV Website: Ryan Coverdell—Web Sgt. Coverdell is actively working on the WPV website. He says everything is looking good. He still has to talk to an IT manager to get on a UNR server. Web Sgt. Coverdell says he’s like to sync together the website and the club’s official Facebook page. He still has the graphics to work on and after that it should be easy to include a list of recent events and a bio of our club.
Open Discussion—Paul Stockton reminded us to update the club’s SVA page. Vince Rivera had a few things to say: There needs to be more vet-to-vet mentorship on campus. He was asking the club members to volunteer for the program. He is currently working on a Study Skill Workshop to employ student veterans. Ask Vince Rivera for more information. President Ryan Gerchman gave information about a possible bill, Assembly Bill 76, passing through Nevada State Legislation our club may be interested in. He expressed it’s important to show support for such legislation. More information will be presented later.
Adjourn: 1300


Welcome to the Wolfpack Veterans website! The website is new, and much work is being done. Make sure to check by for updates and new information.

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