Month: August 2015

More Food for Vets!!!

There is one thing that holds true for every Veteran, regardless of what branch they served in. That is, we all love free food!!! Which makes the fact that the University of Nevada Alumni Association – Veterans Alumni…​ is holding a BBQ for us at the Rancho San Rafael Pavilion that much better! Save the date, Sep. 4th between 1100 – 1300! Check out the flyer here for all the details! BBQ invitation flyer

Thank You DAV!

Thanks to the Disabled American Veterans here in Reno for a wonderful afternoon, as well as a very generous gift.

Today, in front of the Sportsman’s Warehouse, veterans organizations gathered, as well as our community. The biggest little city came close together, purchasing raffle tickets for food and prizes. The tickets that were purchased helped to support future projects, and past support helped to make this day special.

Our project, an education, is one of the most vital parts to a veterans rehabilitation back into the world. Regardless of the GI Bill, money can still become a burden on a student veteran’s pocket. This is why the $3,000  given to us by the DAV is appreciated, and we at the University of Nevada-Reno’s, Wolfpack Veterans Club thank you!





Good Eats at Sportmans Warehouse

We have food, games and tons of Veteran organizations here at Sportmans Warehouse. Raffles with great prizes and relics from the military.

Come down and eat some good food while supporting student veterans, and other veteran organizations.


A new semester

This year, the wolfpack veterans club is going to be more busy than ever. We have a couple of raffles, several events, and a great opportunity to give back! Not to mention, we’re better in touch with veteran organizations around town than ever before! With this in mind, it’s important to keep in touch. No matter if its just to see some live music, get some volunteer hours before you graduate, or become a member of this great membership.

Durring the first few weeks WPV club will be active in order to boost membership. If you’d like to talk to us in person, make sure to look for us around campus.

We have a couple of raffles planned for this semester. These raffles will give funds for future scholarships as will as give a chance for all of you and your family to get awesome prizes. We have everything from weapons to a X-Box One!

We also have a great volunteer chance, help us clean up Stead! This is a great chance for anyone to get volunteer hours that they may need as well as boost their own portfolio. Details can be found at Veteran Community Initiative


Food and Music

If you enjoy good, music, and a good time then come down to the Nugget Friday, Aug. 14th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event, hosted by Concerned Veterans of America can be found here.

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